Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Beautiful Stones

handcrafted jewelry necklace sterling silver oxidized prehnite chalcedony amethyst
These softly colored stones look so lovely together. The largest stone is pale green prehnite, and it looks as though it is lightly frosted. On the left is a plump briolette of aqua chalcedony. On the right is a small pink amethyst, which is really closer to a lilac color.

Half the fun of making necklaces such as this one, is deciding which stones look best together. I place them in one palm, sometimes rejecting one that look out of place, sometimes adding a third (as the pink amethyst was in this case). I've been known to spend an hour just making up several stone combinations before actually wrapping any wire and constructing any necklaces.

This sweet necklace is for sale in my etsy shop.


alteaperle said...

They were born to stay together on your necklace! Love it.

Pricilla said...

Like spring on a chain!