Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pink and Green

handcrafted jewelry sterling silver oxidized pink quartz green tourmaline
The color combination of pink and green seems timeless. When I see a garment with this colorway, the pink is usually bright and the green is of the lime variety. For this pair of earrings, I went in a slightly different direction.

The pink quartz cubes are fully faceted and yes, they are a bright, bold pink. Above them, the flying-saucer (my description, not a real gemologist's term) shaped green tourmaline is a deep dark green. For those of you that grew up with a box of crayola crayons as your main color reference, these tourmaline beads are pretty close to Forest Green.

I have suspended them on my hand made sterling silver earwires, which I oxidized and tumbled for a shiny, steel gray finish.


Pricilla said...

lots of sparkle! I like the shape of the tourmalines...gemologist terminology or not heh heh

msbelle said...

Very pretty!!!