Monday, June 8, 2009

First Friday

This past Friday evening Rick and I went into Anchorage for the First Friday art openings. To be quite honest, we only went to one opening. We went to Half Moon Creek Gallery specifically to see our friend Cindy Shake's newest creations in metal art.

Once again, Cindy has amazed us with her artistic sensibilities and whimsical designs. Her HUGE praying mantis was sold by the time we arrived, which was only 1/2 hour after opening! Rick got a kick out of the grasshopper and I'm entranced by the hostas and sunflowers. You can see photos of some of these items on Cindy's blog.

Of course, I still love the piece I purchased at Half Moon Creek during their grand opening 7 years ago. So much of the art in my home is sea-themed and this sculpture by Cindy fits in perfectly. It also appears to have been created just for that spot above our 2 large windows, doesn't it? It's 11' long and features fish, starfish, shells and sea glass.

(Whatever setting I had on my camera totally whited out my windows and skylight, which have no shades or curtains at all. It's actually quite green out there!)


cindy shake said...

Thanks again Vicki. It was wonderful to see you and Rick! You are right, the seascape fits perfectly in your space -that's the first time I've seen it :o)

Pricilla said...

It is a perfect fit. I love praying mantis...about the only bug that I do love! I'll bet it was gorgeous!