Monday, June 22, 2009

Wild Roses

I've talked about our 2 1/2 acre property before, haven't I? Today, I'm focusing on one of the more delightful aspects of our yard. It is full of wild roses.

Because they're wild and not cultivated, these roses don't last long. When they first bloom, they are a bold, vibrant pink. They quickly fade to a pale pink and then fall to the ground. I think this generally takes about 2-3 weeks and then it's all over until next June. I certainly enjoy them while they're here though.

Have I mentioned that Rick loves big metal objects? Carol gave him this paddle from an industrial sized commercial mixer. I happen to think this particular piece of metal is pretty cool too. It makes a nice yard ornament, doesn't it?


Pricilla said...

I love wild roses. They used to grow all over the place at my old house in NJ.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

The wild, often rugosa roses, are wonderful! The Adirondacks is too cold for the new style roses. The old ones may only bloom once, but they're fragrant. I love them! We let a low growing pink take over my old vegetable garden and there are a few others that like growing in junipers.

Beadwright said...

Love your yard Vicki!


Deronda designs... said...

So pretty. And I do love the paddle too.