Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Earring Design

jewelry copper earrings sterling silver brass mixed metals
Before I left for Tucson, I started a series of new earrings that represent a departure in style for me. While I have been leaning towards metal work for some time now, these earrings are the first leg on a new journey.

The twisted loops are copper that I hand formed and hammered for textural interest. I attached the sterling silver puffy lentil bead (at the bottom) with brass wire. The earwires are hand forged from sterling silver wire -- my signature earwires.

A friend asked: "What was the inspiration for these earrings". The only answer I could come up with was: "the spool of 16 gauge copper wire staring at me"!

I have a series of these earrings in progress on my worktable. Most of them have variations in the bottom embellishment, and some of them have different earwires, depending on the look I want to achieve.

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