Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Xena Gets a Haircut!

Yesterday was Xena's first trip to the groomer since last September. That's way too long for a Bouvier. She was quite adorable and cuddly with all that fur, but I love her naked too. If you promise not to laugh, I'll show you a picture. Please don't share it with any Bouviers, as this would embarrass her tremendously. She doesn't even look like part of the breed.

Now that I can see her face and her beautiful eyes, I have rediscovered how expressive her face can be.

(It was quite sunny yesterday when I took this photo, and I couldn't quite block all of the rays.)

Just as a reminder, this is what she looked like prior to the haircut:

She doesn't even look like the same dog, does she?


Shirley said...

OMGosh, I hardly recognize her. I hope she doesn't get cold. She is such a sweetheart. What a difference. Ha~!

Diane said...

She looks like a different dog for sure. She is very cute!

Brenda said...

Oh wow! What a difference a haircut can make! Now I can see her precious face. Xena is very beautiful! :)

ocean said...

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Deronda designs... said...

Oh, does this mean spring is coming? She looks very, very different, but still quite cuddly.