Friday, March 20, 2009

Xena Speaks ... about the new haircut

Hi, Xena here.

Now that I'm over the initial embarrassment of my new haircut, I have to admit that it feels pretty good. You can see my pretty pink and brown collar now. That should help people figure out that I'm a girl. Can you imagine how it feels to be referred to as "he" by so many unobservant people? That was getting a little tiring. And it hurt my feelings. I feel very feminine and graceful.

I realize that I look pretty skinny now. This is working to my advantage -- in a big way. Mommy's been feeling badly about this and lucky for me, we recently received a huge box of extra special treats from The Baker's Dog. I love those little Pawcos (look like tacos) and those Beefy Boys are quite delicious too. My absolute favorites are the Nom-Nom Sandwich Cookies. Mommy says they look a little like Oreos. I don't know what Oreos are, but they're probably not as good as the Nom-Noms.

Thanks for stopping by!



Diane said...

You look beautiful, Xena! Much happier than the first picture taken right after the cut. I am impressed with all your "Treats" knowledge. Hope Mom gives you some good stuff!
xo Diane

Pricilla said...

Xena, sometimes our mommies/publicists do very embarrassing things to us but they make it up to us in the end. And now that you are a famous dog like I am a famous goat it will get even better for you.
I like treats too - but my favorite treat is an apple.
You look very nice with your new trim!

Ainse said...

Xena, my dog's name tag is pink so everyone knows she's a girl too. I think you and her would be good friends!