Thursday, April 28, 2011

Volcano Arts Wrap-Up

I hope you enjoyed my posts about the items I created during my class at Volcano Arts.  Thanks for all of your comments.  I'm anxious to get started using the skills I learned there, but there's a big hurdle.  I don't yet have all of the tools I need, nor do I have a suitable space.  Rick has some things he's supposedly gathering for me.  The rest, I need to order from Rio Grande.

One of the main things I need is a bench of some sort.  My current workspace is a desk and that will not do at all.  Christine has several benches set up around her classroom/studio to accommodate a bunch of students. This is the table-top bench that I was assigned to.  Christine had it "loaded" with all of the basic tools one needs to work with metal.  More specific and single-purpose tools were available to us as well.  All in all, her studio is a dream.

This bench is available for purchase through Rio Grande.  I plan to buy one from them and I'm trying to figure out what surface I can actually set this on!  My studio needs a serious makeover.


Pricilla said...

And what better reason to do so!
I just got an email that they are having a sale. I am sure you did too. If you did not let me know and I will forward it to you...

shari said...

Great idea, Vicki... you need a jeweler's bench. You're a jeweler!! I've very much enjoyed your Volcano week posts... I wish I could've gone, too!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Pretty Things said...

I've been eyeing any number of benches, but I can't justify one right now -- I've taken over a huge table, a small square "whacking" table, and a lampwork table. I think my husband might put his foot down if I ask for another!