Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jet Sees His First Moose!

The day started normally.  Woke up.  Started the coffee.  Put the leash on Jet for his morning walk.  Step out the door.  We stopped dead in our tracks.  SCREAM!  Well, not a real scream -- more of an internal scream.  Jet started barking -- real barking.  What caused all this hysteria?  A moose in the driveway.  This is pretty damn close -- too close for comfort, so I dragged Jet back in the house.  He would have to 'hold it' until Rick could help.  I've been a bit scared of moose ever since my friend Nancy was trampled by one about 6 years ago.

While Rick took Jet for his morning outing, I bravely went on the deck and snapped some more photos, never getting too far from my front door.

That house is across the street, where Murphy the 125 pound labradoodle lives.  He and Jet love to play together in the snow.  It's really fun to watch them.

I thought she was leaving at this point, but she was just reacting to Jet's barking.

Here, she's heading back to those yummy willow branches she was working on.

No zooming on this photo, just to give you perspective on how close this moose is to our house.


shari said...

Moose are BIG!! I always thought that moose poops would be proportionally big, but then found out they're more like deer poops. Small.


Ina in Alaska said...

This is a large and in charge moose! I steer clear of them too!!

Pricilla said...

My hubby has told me that their eyesight is poor so that is a good reason to give them a wide berth.

They are HUGE!!!!

Ainse said...

Great photos! Poor Jet, hope he's not too scarred from the experience. ;)

Brandi said...

Umm... that's too close, too close! Nature scares me.