Thursday, December 10, 2009

Asymmetry Rules

These necklaces were quite a hit at my shows this fall. It was a new design for me this season and it appealed to customers with an eclectic sensibility. The design is a bit out of the ordinary and more rustic than most of my pieces.

I currently have 2 of them listed in my etsy shop. This first one is the longer of the 2, at 19 1/2". It features iridescent green freshwater pearls.

This second necklace is shorter. It is about 17 1/2" long and has peacock colored pearls -- a mix of purple, gray and a bit of blue.

Click on either of the photos to go directly to the listings and find out a little more about these pieces.


Pricilla said...

They are lovely...I'm sure they will sell before Christmas

Designs by Victoria said...

I've been forcing myself to do some asymmetric pieces, but it goes against my nature. That being said, I think those pieces are lovely!