Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Completed Sweater

I've worked on this sweater for months. I only knit in the evenings, and not every evening. That's why this sweater too so long to complete. I first blogged about it here. It was not a complete success. It's way too big. I tried to shrink it by washing it first in warm water, which is contrary to the instructions found on the yarn label. That didn't work. Then I washed it again and put it in the dryer on high. That didn't work. I got brave yesterday and washed in it hot water on the gentle cycle. That didn't work. The yarn is a cotton & wool blend. Why won't it shrink?

I decided to wear it today with a white turtleneck underneath. It's big and baggy. On the bright side, it's very comfy and it hides ... well, things that I might want to hide. Let's just leave it at that.


Pricilla said...

The color is lovely and sometime it is just nice to snuggle into a big sweater and feel all soft and cuddly.

Where is this snow Ainsley was tweeting about?

Spammers? *sigh*
Not in Japanese by any chance?

Merily said...

I know cotton doesn't shrink much and isn't able to be adjusted well when wet, so that could be the problem- that the yarn isn't entirely wool. Also the wool could be treated to not shrink and to be more machine washable... darnit, I can't remember what that's called, though.

Deronda said...

I love it. Big and snuggly sounds just perfect to me...

I don't know about Ainsley, but we got the snow and the cold wind today...but it is December.