Monday, December 28, 2009

All Silver . Bracelet of Mixed Chains

I've posted here several times about the mixed chain bracelets that I make. They are excellent sellers for me -- both at craft shows and in galleries. I've even sold a few on etsy over the past couple of years. I make them with all sorts of color drops, but the best sellers are the ones where I use all silver beads and charms.

I recently listed one of the all silver variety in my etsy shop. This one features some Thai Hill Tribe beads. Click on the photo to go directly to the listing.

Free worldwide shipping continues through December 31!


Pricilla said...

Classic - this will go with anything.

The Jewelry Box said...

Love it! I love silver!
I've been experimenting with chain in some new bracelet designs. Lots of fun to create. :)