Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Series of Textured Metal Pendants

I completed a good sized batch of metal pendants last week. Starting with copper and brass sheet, I set up a little assembly line type operation: cut shapes, file, sand w/280, sand w/360, sand w/600, texture, patina, assemble. See, I really can work efficiently when I put my mind to it!

The only really fun parts were the texture and assemble steps of the above list. The remainder of the process was quite tedious.

I used two different patinas: liver of sulfur and an antiquing solution which works only on base metals like copper and brass. Lightly sanding with 400 grit polishing paper after applying a patina provides a great contrast, as it leaves the low spots dark, while effectively erasing the patina from the high spots.

It was interesting to see how the antiquing solution gave such different results on the copper and brass. I also practiced my letter stamping on a few pieces. I think I need much more practice with that stop.

Assembling and adding beads was quite a bit of fun. Trying to match the mood of the metal pendant to appropriate beads and charms took quite a bit of time.

And my favorite piece is the brass panel embossed (with the rolling mill) with a leaf pattern, and embellished with a brass dragonfly element. I may just keep this one.


cindy shake said...

OMG VICKI!! these are fantastic -though I am partial to metal you have given the medium a truly artful touch :o)

Diane said...

These are STUNNING!I just love these, Vicki. The close up pics are amazing...all the different textures. You are so GOOD!Thanks for continuing to create pieces that I can fall in love with!
I'm ready to do a testimonial:>)
Hugs, Diane

Pricilla said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun today...they are really lovely and very unique

SilverJewelry said...

By chance I came upon your blog. I didn´ t look a whole blog, but I will. I have to say, that I especially liked these pendants. Pendants look very nice and interesting.