Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Birchwood Airport

This time of year, when the inlet can be very muddy, we take our morning walk around the planes at the Birchwood Airport. It's a small airport that we can walk to and I'm comfortable letting Xena off the leash there. Don't worry, I hook her up if there are any planes moving.

It was such a gorgeous day (again!) that I brought my camera yesterday a snapped a few photos. This first one shows one of the privately owned hangars. Jay is a flight instructor who lives in his own hangar. Alaska is full of flying enthusiasts and has the highest rate of private plane ownership of any state.

This may sound silly, but these small planes look to me like they have faces, mostly with expressions of surprise on them. Just look at this yellow beauty -- see the eyes and the mouth. Makes me want to say hi, have a great day! Sometimes I do just that!

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Pricilla said...

Uhm, what exactly was in our coffee this morning? heh heh