Sunday, December 14, 2008

Marcasite & Keshi Pearls

necklace sterling silver keshi pearls marcasite olive green gray
Recently listed in my etsy shop is this lovely necklace featuring olive green keshi pearls and perfectly round marcasite beads.

The keshi pearls are in a cup-like shape and the headpins that hold them in place have a ball at the end that makes the combination look a little like a flower. The grayish green color of the marcasite beads is a perfect complement to the pearls. This cluster hangs from a circle of fine silver wire that I shaped and fused from wire.

I purchased the marcasite beads from my friend Deb at Crysallis Creations. I had never seen marcasite in bead form before -- only as little sparkling elements.

Rolo style chain is my latest favorite. The links are round and substantial. I oxidized all of the silver and tumbled it for a sleek, polished gray finish.


Diane said...

This is very beautiful, Vickie.

Deronda said...

I love haunting your blog. I have learned more than you can imagine just by watching what you post. Thanks...

Shirley said...

How very creative, beautiful and unusual too!