Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Earrings

earrings artisan garnet citrine pearls red yellow teal
Some women like large earrings that make a statement and some prefer smaller, simple earrings that are more subtle. Here are 3 pairs of earrings that fit that second criteria.

This first pair features some small garnet briolettes that I wrapped (messy style!) with sterling silver wire. The garnets are diamond shaped and are highly faceted for maximum sparkle. These deep red garnets are perfect for the holiday season.

These citrine earrings are very similar to the garnets. The stone has a similar cut, but I've wrapped the briolettes in a slightly neater fashion.
The last little pair I'd like to share features some of my favorite pearls. I purchased these little teal coins in HUGE volume (don't ask) because I loved them so much. Here, I've topped them with a small sterling silver bead and an aqua colored crystal. Swarovski calls this color "Indicolite", which is the name of torumaline when it occurs in a blue-ish color.
All of these earrings are for sale in my etsy shop. Remember, all items are shipped USPS Priority and are packaged for gift-giving.

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