Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Environmental Impact Statement

I, do hereby solemnly swear to be more environmentally conscious in the year 2011. 

There, I said it out loud.  I feel like I'm pretty good at this already.  I recycle whatever is recyclable in Alaska (we are limited because of our remoteness -- it is no longer economically feasible to recycle glass up here).  So, what else can one woman do?

This may seem trivial, but I plan to use a lot fewer paper towels in the future.  Of all the things I see in my garbage, paper towels really jump out at me.  How will I do this, you wonder?  Meet the un-paper towel:

This amazing product is the brain child of Athena Creates on etsy.  I purchased the 52 pack, but she offers smaller sets as well. They are machine washable organic cotton.  Brilliant, I say!  I just received them yesterday, so I can't do a full report, but I feel that these will help me achieve my goal.


Pricilla said...

Uhm, isn't that what is commonly known as the "rag"?

and scgqlbo has to be the worst catpha ever. Go ahead, just try and type it!

Orion Designs said...
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shari said...

I use kitchen cloths, too.... we have to keep a roll of paper towels around for when Beckham (cat) barfs, but otherwise, we use washable cloths! Anything we can do to keep the throw-away mentality at bay!

Kudos to you for trying!

Brandi said...

I'm with you on the kitchen towel situation. I need plenty of towels around, and do my best to only use paper towels when I absolutely need to.

Sherry said...

I'm right there with you! I just laundered a fresh pile of dish towels and vow only to use cloth napkins this year.

Did you ever see my post about the washing ball that uses no detergent? It's awesome.