Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Gift Exchange

On Monday, Carol & I got together to exchange birthday gifts.  Both of our birthdays are in January and we usually just pick a date and "do lunch".

The gift I chose for her would not have done well spending too much time in the car (it has been well below zero for several days now), so I basically invited myself to lunch at her house so I could deliver her gift personally.  Hehe.

(have I mentioned that she's a fabulous cook?)

Here's the item that I bought for her that will not withstand the cold:
It's an Calamondin Orange tree!  I bought it at Mile 5.2 Greenhouse in Eagle River.  They tell me it will flower and produce fruit year-round.  Maybe under Carol's care this will be possible, but most certainly NOT in my hands!

She surprised me with a gorgeous ring from an etsy shop I had never seen before.  Here's the ring:

Have a look at this amazing shop:  Arts Gallery

I think we both were very happy with our gifts.  AND, lunch was awesome!


Pricilla said...

Happy, happy, fun, fun.

I am sure your friend will love her tree.

Your ring is lovely.

Beadwright said...

Well first off happy birthday and second off WOW. What a beautiful ring. The oranges are a great gift too. How lucky the two of you have this time to share.