Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Emerald & Tourmaline Earrings

I've had this graduated strand of chubby emerald rondelles since Tucson (last February) and finally started using them.  Does anyone else do that?  Save up your most special beads for several months before actually cutting  the strand?  And have I mentioned that I really, really dislike graduated strands of gemstones?  I use most of my gems for earrings, and matching up beads from graduated strands can be ridiculously time consuming.  But I digress.

I made a pair of these right before the Bad Girls of the North craft show in Fairbanks in September.  They sold pretty quickly, so I made another for the Anchorage show.  But they did not sell, so I listed them in my etsy shop.

I topped the emeralds with a tight cluster of earthy, multi- colored tiny tourmaline rondelles.  The combination is rich and warm.  If you feel you must have these, simply click on the photo to go directly to the listing.


Pricilla said...

Oooh sparkly!

Brenda's Jewelry Box said...


Diane said...

Very nice, Vicki!

cindy shake said...

Vicki those are lovely! I'm surprised they didn't sell quickly at Anch Bad Girls -maybe because you had so many OTHER pretty choices :o) they remind me of the perfect holiday earrings to wear to a party.