Sunday, August 9, 2009

Public Art in Anchorage

In Alaska, all public projects such as schools, convention centers, police and fire stations, courthouses, and many more, are required to have 1% of the budget dedicated to art. I don't really know much about the program, but a few friends of mine have bid on and won such projects. This art can be seen all over the state, but I'm most familiar with the projects local to the Anchorage area.

This photo is one of my favorite outdoor pieces of art in Anchorage. It looks like gigantic fishing poles with gigantic reels. At the end of each one is a beautiful hanging basket full of flowers. I'm proud that my state holds the arts in such high regard.

And yes, I felt a little like a tourist when I stopped to take of picture of this!

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Deronda G said...

What a fantastic concept. And maybe we should all be tourists in our own backyards sometimes.