Sunday, August 16, 2009

Felted Bags

I've been preparing for the Alaska State Fair. This year will mark our 12th year of having a booth there. We always have a blast, eat too much bad-for-us fair food and sell lots of stuff!

I've had these 2 felted bags listed in my second etsy shop for several months. They will most likely come with me to the fair, so if you are interested in them, now is the time to purchase. Of
course, there's always the possibility that they will not sell and they will be active once again on etsy. But why take that chance?

You can click on either of these photos to go directly to the etsy listings. These bags are very reasonably priced and they're extremely durable. Plus, they're really cute and fun to carry.

I'll close with a photo of our booth from the fair last year. This was taken on opening day. Yes, we are right next to the tamale booth. After the fair, it's a very long time before I can even think about eating tamales again.


Pricilla said...

Yay for fair food! Have something greasy for me!

I hope you have a VERY successful fair.

The bags are gorgeous!

Shirley said...

You wait! They will be gone in a second at the fair.