Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Walk to the Inlet

Every morning, the three of us take a nice walk. We do this year round, regardless of the weather conditions. It's a much more pleasant activity in the summer and fall than it is in the winter -- duh. Lately, we've been going to the inlet everyday. It hasn't rained in a while and the tide hasn't been super high in a while, so this means the inlet is hard mud and very easy to walk on.

The wooded walk on the way to the inlet is beautiful.

Sometimes Xena (the beautiful Bouvier) needs a little encouragement to keep moving. The woods are full of great smells! I would think it smelled the same as it did yesterday, but Xena thinks it always needs to be re-smelled.

Peter's Creek leads into Cook Inlet. Here's a view as it heads towards open water.

And the view upstream is just as dramatic.

I realized that I didn't take any pictures of the actual inlet! That will have to wait for another day and another blog post.


Pricilla said...

You are so fortunate in your home.

Cindy said...

Wow you do have some beautiful views!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Abby Creek Art said...

What a beautiful place to walk. I love Xena!:)

Orion Designs said...

Thanks to all of you and yes, I do live in a very beautiful place!