Sunday, March 20, 2011

Puppy Kindergarten

All three of us have been going to school.  Every Thursday night we go to Puppy Kindergarten.  Whether or not we graduate is still up in the air.  I never thought I'd be back in school at my age!

The best and most fun part of class is play time -- kind of like recess in people kindergarten.  Watching all the adorable (about 10 of them) puppies running into each other and jumping over each other is hilarious.  They're mostly still pretty klutzy, which adds to the cuteness.

Jet and a male Great Pyrenees sniffing each other as class starts.  Not a great view of either one of them, but cute anyway.  They tend to be the two puppies that play the roughest.  That's Zumi in the foreground.  She's a German Shepherd-Husky mix.

Here's Jet and his dad, after play time.  Two Australian Shepherds (litter mates) are in the foreground.  Jet attacked one of them earlier and it ran away whimpering.  If this class has a bully, it's Jet.  Not so proud of that, but he is at least 6 weeks older than most of the other pups.

The Great Pyrenees is so gorgeous, I decided he needed a picture all his own.  He's so fluffy!

The two Shelties are perfectly behaved.  They are older and belong to the class teacher.  She demos all the commands with both of them and they do whatever she says.  That's a testament to her abilities.  Let's hope it works out for us.


Pricilla said...

It will be better for all of you in the long run.

Is he still erm, intact? That could be why he is still aggressive.

Brandi said...

I had no idea puppy kindergarten existed! But then again, I've never had a pet before. All the dogs are so cuuuute!

Ina in Alaska said...

All adorable dogs! thanks for sharing! Jet is already growing, isn't he!

Diane said...

They are all so cute & I am sure this is so much fun. I used to have a Great Pyrenees. He was the sweetest puppy that turned into a VERY agressive dog...bad news....I loved him so very much & he was GORGEOUS! Have a great week!