Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog Days

We have both -- well, all 3 of us really -- been so busy with Jet-based activities.  Walkies many times a day is a necessity when your bladder is still pretty small.  Training and practicing sit, down and stay multiple times a day.  Jet's attention span is still very short, so several abbreviated sessions are required.

Still, we made some time for a long, long walk down to the inlet for some play on a very long rope.  He needs to burn some of the puppy energy.

First, we must investigate underneath this specific tree.

On our way to the inlet, Jet investigates something in the woods.  I think it was just another tree.

Taking in all the open space at the inlet.

My lame attempt at a Jet Film.


shari said...

So cute! I bet he was doing all kinds of stuff before you starting to record, right? That's what my animals do!

He's adorable!

cindy shake said...

What a cute little dude!! -Jet too :o)

Ina in Alaska said...

Jet is adorable and looks like lots of fun too. Re the videos, trial and error. Good start!!!

Diane said...

Looks like Jet has settled in with his new family. He's such a good looking boy!

Brenda's Jewelry Box said...

He's SO cute! I can see where he is keeping both of you on your toes with all that puppy energy. :)