Monday, November 15, 2010

Stampsmith November Challenge

http://After much procrastination, I finally made time to work on my November challenge from the Stampsmith yahoo group I  belong to.  One of the reasons I was procrastinating was because the product we create had to use at least one Stampsmith stamp and be Thanksgiving themed.  I couldn't see where any of the Stampsmith images I have (and I have a lot) could be interpreted as Thanksgiving oriented.  So I said "screw that" and I just picked one.

The project was to make a card and gift bag into which one will put gifts for and elderly person who might need some goodies for this holiday.

Here's my card, which as you can see, is not too exciting.  Nor is it very Thanksgiving-y.  I see some autumn in there, however.

And here it is tied with ribbon to the gift bag I decorated.

Much better.  And a close up of the bottom of the bag.

I'm so glad I signed up to participate in this challenge.  It has forced me to work within the deadline and try some stamping projects I never would have done otherwise.


Pricilla said...

I have to admit to liking the bag more than the card.
Challenges can, indeed be challenging.

Michele said...

Vicki, the card is so sweet! What a delightful addition to the wonderful bag. xo