Friday, November 12, 2010

New Boots!

One of the benefits of living in a cold, snowy place is that one needs boots.  A variety of boots is always a good idea. I mean, seriously, weather conditions vary considerably and every woman should have several pairs of boots.

I have my practical red boots from Land's End, which are warm and have a super non-skid bottom.  One slip on the ice was all it took to convince me that this feature was necessary.  I have a pair of black lace-up Blondo's for dress-up.  For as dressed up as I ever get, these are good enough.  I've had both of these boots for a few years, so I could not find photos of them on line -- not to worry, it would not be exciting anyway.

What IS exciting however, is this pair of boots.  No, they're not really warm and I have my suspicions about the gripiness of the sole, but hey, they are gorgeous!

Am I stylin', or what??

If you are at all interested in shoes and boots (who isn't?) you must check out the El Naturalista website.  Their styles are wonderfully different and the color selection is incredibly fun.


Pricilla said...

Oooh, spiffy. And red. Very cool!

Cindy Shake said...

Ooo, pretty, pretty Girl! Derek and I were just talking about boots this morning -I think I'm going to check out Skinny Raven's Mogs...not nearly as pretty as yours but probably good for Girdwood!