Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Road Trip!

Over the weekend, we took a little drive to Girdwood, about 40 miles south of Anchorage.  It's a beautiful area, known for skiing and all sorts of winter activities.  Since there is still no snow, the drive was pleasant and the views outstanding.  We had a nice lunch at Chair 5, a local hangout.

While there, I paid a visit to Shelbi Lynn, owner of Babes in the Woods, one of the stores I consign with.  I had never actually been in the store before and was pleased with how nice the store is.  It's cozy and full of all sorts of handmade goodness.  I bought a really nice handmade journal with a vintage feel to it.

Of course, I forgot to take any pictures, but I found a couple online that epitomize the town of Girdwood.


Cindy Shake said...

You could have borrowed my pictures from this weekend! Wasn't it just beautiful down there?! Hope you were able to enjoy some of the local eateries ;o)

Pricilla said...

I love the rainbow. How nice to get away for a bit.
*sigh* I remember such things in a time before goats.

Beadwright said...

Thanks for bringing back some memories. I do have good memories from when I lived in AK. but.... wouldn't want to live there again.
Glad you had a great trip

shari said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!! :-)

I heard the last class at Volcano was fun... I missed out. I want to go back and have a week of creativity with fun people!!!