Friday, January 29, 2010

Tucson Shopping List

Next Tuesday night (right after the 1st episode of the last season of LOST!) I will go to the airport and fly to Tucson for the annual bead/gem/mineral shows.  This year, Rick will stay home and my friend Carol will come with me.  After 4 days in Tucson, shopping for beads, we will spend 5 days in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Last year, Rick and I discovered Celebrate Art, in north Scottsdale.  Carol & I plan to spend a day at that wonderful exhibit.  We will also visit the Queen Creek Olive Mill for a tour and possibly lunch one day.  I used to live in Scottsdale, so I know there are plenty of great eateries there.  We will visit as many as is humanly possible!

Back to the subject at hand, a shopping list for the bead shows.  So far, I've noted that I absolutely need the following items:

peridot: briolettes and large rondelles
garnets: large briolettes
smoky quartz: anything that catches my eye
tourmaline: large briolettes
cabochons for filigree wrapping

Noticeably absent from the list are pearls.  I have so many pearls, that I don't think I could use them all in my lifetime.

What else do you think I need?


Pricilla said...

A big bank balance?

cindy shake said...

MULTIPLE Alaska Airlines Visa cards -YOU GO GIRL(S)!!!

Brandi said...

Man, that's a loaded question! I wish I could go with you - I'd love to see the shows!!

The Jewelry Box said...

I think you need me to go with you! LOL! :D I hope you & Carol have a really good time! I look forward to seeing some pics! Have a safe and wonderful trip and fondle some of the gems for me! ;)