Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jet has a Play Date!

Jet is now 11 months old and weighs in at about 82 pounds.  That's a lot of dog, isn't it?  He's finally big enough for a "fair" play date with Murphy.  Murphy is the gorgeous labradoodle that lives across the street.  He's about 120 pounds!

Last week, I snapped some photos of them playing together in Kathryn & Timer's Murphy's backyard.

Looks rougher than it is.

Rick with Jet and Timer looks on.

(Murphy's not really biting Jet -- it just looks that way)

After only 10 minutes, the two of them are panting like, well, like dogs.

Poor Blitzen had to stay in the house.  She doesn't play well with others.  And she's old.


shari said...

Doggy playtime always looks like fighting when you take photos of it! Smarty has some wild photos that I was afraid to show people because it looked like we were into dog-fighting! Little do they know that when dogs play, they laugh a lot, and their laughing looks a lot like snapping and biting. Oh well.

Looks like Jet had a great time! Probably slept like a little baby angel that night!

Pricilla said...

Oh how fun for both of them. Jet looks gorgeous!

cindy shake said...

Doggie playtime is so important. Jet is BEAUTIFUL -I love that guy :) What a pretty labradoodle too -sweet! Give Jet a big squishy hug from me. xo