Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's on my Work Table?

While Jet is still taking huge chunks of my time, I'm forced to figure out how to get some actual work done in preparation for the Alaska State Fair and my fall show season ... and keep up with consignment orders and hopefully some additional wholesale orders. Just typing all that has exhausted me. I'm getting old.

Since earrings are the "bread & butter" of my business, I've spent what time I could keeping those earring boxes full. The boxes are finally bursting at the seams so I recently switched to making some sterling silver necklaces.

What you see here, in the two bottom rows, are a bunch of pendants -- trios and duos -- ready to be put on chains. The pendants are fun to put together. I enjoy finding interesting groupings of gems. The cutting of the chain (I buy the chain in bulk and cut it to length, then add a clasp) and assembling the necklaces is quite boring.

In the two rows above the duos and trios are paired gemstones for earrings.  As I said, I'm taking a reprieve from the earring making, so these will have to wait!

*Hint -- click on the photo to get a much better look at some of my gemstone combos!


CuriousMissClay said...

youve picked some really beautiful conbinations of stones they look lovely together.

vicky x

Pricilla said...

I can tell they will be lovely!

Ina in Alaska said...

Hi Vicki! I had a hard time "getting in" to leave this comment... don't work too hard and if you get a break in ANC let me know when we can next have lunch!

The colors are so pretty! Looking forward to the next Bad Girls show!

Cthings said...

That is like looking at a candy store Vicki! Love your pickings! Your so organized too. Good Luck at the fair!

Beadwright said...

Hey Vicki it is nice to see how you work. Love all the different beads.

Beach Coast Style said...

I spy something unique and pretty here! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

ShinyAdornments said...

I just love it when folks post their work in progress. How many necklaces are you going to make for your show(s)?


Orion Designs said...

Thanks for all of your lovely comments! And not to worry Ina -- I never work too hard :)

Kristy -- I always have at least 100 necklaces on hand. This is for shows and stores. For example, I just sent 10 necklaces to a potential new wholesale account in a "pick box". Hopefully, they will purchase all 10 of them -- and the 20 pairs of earrings I sent!

Pretty Things said...

At shows, earrings make my money -- and they are truly what I make when my brain is dead. I keep a box with just pairs of things in it, so it's fun to rummage through and figure out what to do with them.