Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making Earring Cards

One of the less glamorous aspects of making jewelry (seriously though, are there any truly glamorous aspects?) is the need for earring display cards.  I've always made my own, using Corel Draw. 

Three times in the past 14 years, I have had to upgrade my version of Corel and I live in fear that my existing files will not be compatible with the newest version.  I did my last upgrade this past December and all went well, so I'm probably safe for another 5 years or so.

Since I have not been able to give up this task to a commercial printer, I continue to buy 80 lb cover cardstock and print my own.  Cutting them has become a science for me.  I'll take you through the process and if you fall asleep, I'll wake you when I'm done.

Each sheet (printed front and back) is printed with 12 cards on it.  The cards will measure 2" x 3 1/4" when cut.

First I cut them vertically.

Then I cut them horizontally.

My not-so-heavy-duty paper cutter will only cut 3 sheets of this cardstock at a time, so I print in multiples of 3.  This batch was 9 sheets.  Why don't I get a heavier paper cutter, you ask?  I don't have a good answer for you.

The completed stack.

And the back, printed with "Sterling Silver".  I leave space under that to write the names of the stones in each particular pair of earrings.


Now I bet you're wondering how I put those little holes in the cards that hold the earrings.  I'll tell you anyway.

Years ago, when I first started this silliness, Rick saw me using a safety pin to poke holes in the cards.  Granted, I didn't need very many cards back then, but still, this was the height of ridiculousness.  He built me this little low-tech gizmo that works like a charm.

It is simply 2 pieces of plywood connected with a hinge.  On the right, there are 2 small nails.  I put a batch of cards upside down over the nails and close the little "book".

Why upside down? Because the nails make a bit of pokey-outie when they go through the paper and that looks terrible on the front of the cards.

Now they're ready for earrings!

A funny story:

I customize the back of the cards with either Sterling Silver, Gold Filled or Niobium.  One time, I printed a small batch (3 sheets) of Gold Filled cards with a serious typo.  I left out the "l" in Gold.  Yes, there were some God Filled earrings out there.  I have no idea how many people even noticed.  I didn't until I used the last card.


Liz Revit said...

It's always neat to see how other designers create their own cards for jewelry. Thanks for walking us through your process.

Brandi said...

I make my own, too, except I cut down 4x6 postcards that I have printed (because I'm lazy). I really love the idea of printing something on the back, Vicki! Super smart!

P.S. God-filled earrings!! LOL, I love that!

Pricilla said...

Do you hire out?

I mean you have God on your side and all

ElisabethSpace said...

Love your hub's created hole puncher gizmo!
I have a file I stumbled through on Photoshop that I uploaded into Vistaprint that is the same size as their oversized postcards, something they often give out free if you're on their email list. Then I just cut them out with my arm chopper thingy.

Aerides Designs said...

I do something very similar (but with a table in Word rather than Corel)... and I'm still punching the holes with push pins so I need that gizmo!

The idea for the back is great, I've been using my URL, but I like the idea of adding the materials...thanks for the tips!

shari said...

Ha ha! Well, I think everything is God-filled, so it was appropriate! ;-)

That contraption is so clever! I love it! (Plus, it reminds me of wooden books, which I also love.) You and Rick make a great team!

Pagano DesignWorks said...

The hole puncher is BRILLIANT!

ShinyAdornments said...

Brilliant indeed.

And double brilliant that God has your back.



Diane said...

That was pretty darn interesting Vicki! Isn't it nice to have a man that can come up with gizmos like this?? What a great guy!

Michelle said...

Clever idea, thanks for sharing the idea (and your typo, ha)

Tammi said...

Such a great solution! Such a sweet hubby. Thanks for the idea.

Nicole Q. said...

I just came across this on Pinterest & I love it! I'm doing more & higher end shows & one of my selling points are the semi-precious stones in my designs. I love that the Square lets me put some details about a purchase in when I swipe their credit card, but this is wonderful! They can see & know the materials right up front...& I am making one of those gizmos! So much better & easier to personalize than the punches they sell!

Tanya Kucey said...

Seriously though, get the hubby to manufacture these punches. Simple [lee awesome) as they are, Id buy one in a second and I bet others would too. Tell us where the etsy store is :)

McLachlan Design Studio said...

I have vertical business cards printed with my logo at the top and website at the bottom. Then I use a small hole punch. I like your hole punch though, very ingenious!

Unknown said...

Can u give the dimensions of the two wood pieces, it's hard to see in the picture. I need to make one for an upcoming occasion.

Orion Designs said...

The wooden pieces measure about 3 1/2" x 3 1/2".