Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden Art

It's about time I shared with you Rick's latest creations.  In April, he was invited to participate in a show at Artique, in downtown Anchorage, focusing on the garden.  He created two amazing pieces of garden art, which I'm happy to say, sold very quickly!  Then he made two more. 

on display, at the gallery

and another, photographed at home

back at the gallery

There was one more that I don't think I have a photo of.  What you may not be able to see in these photos is that each sculpture has a small insect that Rick created from reclaimed parts and other stuff.

He has since created two more pieces for the upcoming show at the botanical gardens.  Will share photos of those later!


Pricilla said...

They are so lovely.
I think the goats might take a munch

shari said...

I love them! Wish I could see the bug detail!!

Some day I'll have a garden again, and will be able to have some cool sculptures and art, like Rick's. They're really fun and beautiful!

cindy shake said...

Saw Rick's pieces at Artique!! Wonderful -and the girls at the Gallery are so happy Rick has his work there. They said everybody loves it!!

Diane said...

Those are sooo cool! He did a beautiful job. Yard art always seems to be a hot seller. Have a great weekend!

Susie said...

Love the garden art! So fun to see you both today!!

Cthings said...

Vicki those are cool! I see why they sold so fast! You both are talented artist!

Ina in Alaska said...

Those are awesome pieces Vicki! I am going to wander over to Artique next week to see up close.