Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picture This!

Picture This -- that's the name of the gift shop/art gallery in Eagle River that has been carrying my jewelry for about two years now.  I recently called to see if they needed more stock --

note to self: next year, call before Mother's Day

-- the always unexpected, but always welcome response was YES!

I brought my awkward load of stuff fine jewelry into the store on Tuesday morning.  I carry it in this bag that I purchased from this etsy shop.  My cases fit so nicely!

Michelle, the store manager had already warned me that the purchase would probably be limited.  To make a long story short, she had a hard time deciding which earrings not to purchase, that she ended up making quite a large purchase:  68 pairs of earrings and 11 necklaces.  

While that did not wipe me out, it did put a serious dent in my earring inventory.  On the way home, while I stewed about selling so much at wholesale, I tried to focus on the positives:

-- I did not have to use 79 gift boxes
-- I did not have to use 79 pieces of tissue paper 
-- I did not have to use 79 business cards
-- I did not have to pack & ship 79 pieces of jewelry

Wholesale?  Hell yes!  The only other time I get to sell in such large quantities is at a show, when I still need to use the boxes, tissue paper, business cards, merchandise bags, etc.  Plus, I have to be pleasant and all smiley-faced for hours on end.  This wholesale meeting took about 1/2 hour.  I can be pleasant and friendly for that short time period with ease!

As a side note, I gave a pair of earrings to Michelle as a gift.  Have to keep her happy, don't I??


Brandi said...

First, I am now coveting that bag.

Second, woohoo for big wholesale purchases!! You're right, selling that amount at retail would not be quite so easy. There are definite benefits to selling wholesale, and a half an hour meeting is one of them.

Pricilla said...

Congratulations on such a great order!

I love my soap wholesale customers. So easy...

Orion Designs said...

I forgot to mention that I did not have to photograph and list 79 pieces of jewelry -- yay for that too!

Regina said...

Congratulations, I am still figuring out the wholesale side of things. It sounds like you have a great thing going!

Cthings said...

Vicki congratulations to you!! That is wonderful. Good way to look at the positive! That bag is gorgeous!