Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Miniature Jeweler's Bench

I received my new jeweler's bench and Rick helped me set it up a couple of weeks ago.  He also had me compile a list of things I needed.  He gathered up what he could from his stash of extra stuff, minimizing the amount of money I needed to spend on new stuff -- yay Rick!

While I have a hand held dremel, I do not have a flex shaft and really did not want to spend that much money right now.  My dremel can do most of what a flex shaft will do, but drilling has always caused me great problems.

(think drilled hole through finger and a quick trip to the emergency clinic for a tetanus shot)

So I decided to order a mini drill press from Rio Grande.  Like the jeweler's bench, it is heavy and costs more to ship than it costs to purchase.  I placed the order for the drill press yesterday and was thrilled to discover that it was out of stock!  Why, you ask?  Because Rio has that great policy that all backorders are shipped for free.  I have to wait a week (what's a week?) for it, but it will ship for FREE!  I can't stop thinking about what a great deal that is.

Of course, when the customer service rep told me that it was out of stock, I immediately asked if they were out of stock on any other heavy things that I needed.  She actually laughed at my cleverness :)


shari said...

That looks just like Christine's!! How fun and exciting!! You'll be making metal jewelry like a fiend now!!


Pricilla said...


Lucky you and smart you!
Congratulations on getting all set up to create more beauty

Brandi said...

Wooohooo! New bench - yes! New supplies from Rick - yes! New flex shaft and free shipping? YES! Nice score, friend. :)