Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bear Encounter

Yesterday, while walking with Xena and Rick through the nearby woods, I heard some rustling. As it got louder, I heard some people's voices, but they seemed too far away to be the "rustlers".

I looked up and saw a huge black bear about 30 yards away. Xena was off leash so I yelled for her to come and the bear, obviously startled by my loud voice, turned the other way and disappeared into the woods. Believe it or not, neither Xena nor Rick saw the bear. What good are they, I ask you?

Yes, this bear was easily twice the size of the one that showed up on my deck earlier in the summer ( see post from July 20 for pictures). Totally ridiculous.


Shirley said...

Whoa! How wonderful to see one that close and not have and encounter. It is probably really great that the bear was up wind from your dog. TFS

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

OMG! How scary. Tell dh that he has the job of "scout" from now on.

tagisa said...

That is so scary! I can't imagine running into a bear...even at 30 yards away! And one at your door!!! Too scary <:I

Orion Designs said...

Yes, it was mighty scary. I'm sort of proud of how calm I was considering the proximity of the bear!

Diane said...

Wow, that's very scary but also kind of neat! I don't see too many bears in my neighborhood in SO. California.