Monday, August 18, 2008

Setting Up at the Alaska State Fair

It seems like the State Fair comes as a surprise every summer. It's our 11th year doing this Fair. Even so, we never know where to start. Setting up takes days and days. Here are some highlights of the first 2 days of set-up. The Bad Girls building, built by Rick in 1998, is set in place with a huge forklift by the contractor. here's what it looks like before we even touch it:

Stored inside the building are the components of the ramp and handrail, which Rick built last year. It took us (mostly him) a few hours to install them.

The next day, while Rick is busy creating a back door (photos in the next post) for the building, Carol and I start the set up. Here she is outside the building on a ladder looking at me inside, through the window. I'm extremely busy rolling hundreds of t-shirts and slowly going mad doing it (sorry, no photo available).

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Abelee said...

Thought I'd get out of my own head for a change and go exploring. I LOVE your blog -- so clean and uncluttered!

See ya on PB...