Saturday, August 18, 2007

Alaska State Fair 2007 - The Set Up

I can't believe this will be our 10 th year at the Alaska State Fair! This little business of ours (mine and partner Carol Green's), called Bad Girls of the North has become quite significant here in Alaska.
In addition to the Alaska State Fair, we produce arts and crafts shows around the state. We provide a venue for Alaskan artists and artisans to sell their creations. More about that as the "season" progresses.
Back to the Fair -- you can see our little building (10' x 20') is holding up quite well. This year, Rick (my husband) is adding a ramp to the front to provide access to the disabled. Check back for additional pictures as set-up continues...


Brandi said...

I have to say that is THE COOLEST booth I've ever seen!!! It is sooo original!

Shirley said...

How beautiful! I love that color and the main bead is absolutely stunning!