Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tucson Gem Purchases IV

 This is my final gemstone-sharing post. There are plenty more stones, but I didn't photograph them before cutting the strands. You will see them in finished products over the next few months.

For now, here are some cushion cut peridot briolettes. I am partial to this shape and will usually buy whatever gemstone I can get with it. Below that strand is the Major Splurge of this gem buying trip. These are gorgeous pink tourmaline that will make some very special earrings and necklaces.

Here are lovely green turquoise heart shaped brios that look suspiciously like some gaspeite I have. I'm pretty sure it is turquoise, as you just don't see gaspeite much, especially in briolette form. The middle strand is something I had not seen before. I was told it is blue opal from South Africa. Again, I am skeptical, but it is quite pretty, so I bought it anyway.  The bottom strand are some teeny tiny pyrite briolettes. Yum.

This last photo, top to bottom: moss aquamarine pear briolettes, amethysts (a staple gemstone, if you ask me!) and carnelian cube beads.

That's it for now, fellow gem lovers!


Libellula Jewelry said...

Those peridot, amethysts, and carnelians are calling to me. Nice buys!

Patty Woodland said...

You are going to have some fun.
Pyrite is so heavy I don't think you want it much larger...
I hope someday to make it down there!

Mimi {SignatureSterling} said...

Truly luscious! I dream about making that trip as well. Look forward to seeing your beautiful creations :)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hi just stopped in to wish you a happy V day