Monday, December 31, 2012

New Knits and a Giveaway

When I'm not making jewelry, I usually baking, cooking, making cards or knitting. Yay for knitting! The only problem with my love of knitting is that the finished products keep piling up. I know you're thinking I should either stop buying yarn and slow down my knitting, or try selling some of it. Well, I can't seem to stop buying yarn and I do try to sell some. But I don't try very hard. I have some scarves listed in my other etsy shop, A Peaceful Life and I have some bags and scarves for sale at Dragonfly Gallery in Soldotna. These two outlets don't even make a dent in the pile of knits I'm looking at.

Soooo, it's time for a giveaway!

 I bought this gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from Phydeaux Designs. Check out her etsy shop where you will find tons of lovely yarns and fun patterns. I purchased a beautiful neck warmer pattern from Rabbit Ridge Designs. It was a match made in heaven. Here is the resulting neck warmer:

Sorry, but that is NOT the item I'm giving away. What a tease, right?

Naturally, I had a bit of that multi-colored yarn left over. I searched through my massive yarn stash and found some solid green pima cotton/tencel blend yarn that looked great with the Phydeaux yarn. I turned to one of my favorite scarf patterns and here is the result:

It's about 62" long and 4" wide and the body of the scarf is done in seed stitch, which adds a nice bumpy (but so soft) texture. The ruffle is done with the leftover yarn from the neck warmer.

 As you can see, 60" is long enough to go around your neck twice. Yes, this is the item that I'm giving away! All you have to do is leave a comment and I will use a random number generator to select the winner. Because this is a holiday, I'm going to keep this giveaway open through the end of the week. I will select the winning number late on Friday, January 4.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

(Yes, I stole that line from the Hunger Games.)


Patty Woodland said...

I'm not entering because I won from you last time you had a giveaway and I know how GORGEOUS your knitted items are.

That scarf is STUNNING. I will share this on facebook for you. Your work deserves much notice :)

Libellula Jewelry said...

Beautiful work! Thank you so much for the chance to win your ruffle-detail scarf; it's so pretty.

ElisabethSpace said...

I had no idea you have a 2nd Etsy shop.
I have knitting needles and yarn, but, alas, I've never stuck to it. I get so persnickety, when I see things are developing unevenly, I pull it all apart to start again, but then seem to forget about it. Needless to say, my knitting knowledge is wanting. That said, I love knit goods and the bumpy texture of this pretty green number looks just lovely. Nice work, Vicki!

Jane Perala said...

I love the scarf, it's beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win it!

shana said...

You sound like my sister! But her vice is crochet. She donated stuff to the Lions Club for their Christmas baskets this year.
Beautiful scarf you are giving away! I saw this giveaway on Patty Woodland's face book post!

Carla said...

Beautiful work. I love the color. Thanks for the chance to win.

Diane said...

That is so pretty, Vicki....I love that border! With the weather we've been having I can certainly use one of these! Please count me in. Happy New Year!

WendiPQA said...

I am green with envy at your multi-talents!! I learned to knit waaaaay back in the day but grandma had to finish my one and only scarf as I never could purl!! Love the ruffle!!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

That Scarf is mine!!!!! I wear scarves all year round. Plus those are my favorite colors. Please add me to the list.
Happy 2013 Vicki.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

PS I just blogged about your giveaway. I know makes my chances less to win but had to share it.

Lori said...

Wow-- gorgeous Neck Warmer and the Scarf if beautiful.. Love the texture! Wish I had paid more attention when Gran tried to teach me to knit!

Ann said...

i have come from Nicole's blog!! oh,such a lovely scarf!! the colors are beautiful. I am all thumbs when it comes to knitting and crocheting...have tried,and this art form just eludes me!!!
i left Nicole a comment that her chances of winning have gone down by 1 !!!!! lol...but,seriously..i hope the random number generator picks her,if not me..because with her coloring this scarf was just meant for her!!!
love your blog..i am a new follower!!

Regina said...

I'm so jealous but a good jealous...knitting is one thing that I have never been able to do. I love the neck warmer you did and OMGOSH, yes..such a tease that it isn't the giveaway. ^_^ The scarf is awesome. THank you for giving us a chance to have it wrapped around one of our pretty necks. That was meant in a good way too. ^_^

My friend, Nicole sent me to visit and I'm so glad she did.


see you there! said...

I came over from Beadwright's blog. What a great scarf, now if I can figure out a way to bribe the random name generator I'll be set.


see you there! said...

I came over from Beadwright's blog. What a great scarf, now if I can figure out a way to bribe the random name generator I'll be set.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I found you through Nicole, too! When she showed off this gorgeous scarf, I knew I had to stop by and throw my hat in the ring. I knitted up a bunch of scarves, too, and sold all except the one currently in my Etsy shop. They were big at the craft show this year!

goldangel69 said...

thanks for the chance. wish i could make things like that

Janice Moore-Petty said...

Happy New Year Vicki and yes even in Sunny Florida we love scarves! Blessings, Jan

Thistle Cove Farm said...

that is truly snazzy; love those ends and the colors are fabulous.
I need to make a scarf for someone and think I'll borrow this design idea. many thanks, may your troubles be few and your blessings many.

Ina in Alaska said...

Lovely!!! Please enter me!! :)

Deb @ Crysallis said...

oh I am so trying for this! heh..... because I am greedy like that! :P

With that said, it's a lovely lovely scarf with gorgeous yarn though!! GAH I wish I know how to crochet or knit, I think I would have the same pile size to what you have Vicki, if I do.... :P

XOXO Happy New Year!!!