Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vintage Glassware

Last week was our 14th anniversary, so we went out to dinner.  We don't often eat dinner out (lunch, yes, dinner, no), so this was sort of a big deal.  We went to a little place called Paris Bakery & Cafe in Anchorage. We've eaten there before, and have never been disappointed. This dinner was no exception.  The owner/chef is really from Paris, so this is as authentic as you can get in Alaska.  The bakery items are to die for.

Anyhoo, we got to Anchorage a bit early and decided to go one of the few antique stores in Anchorage -- Lazy Dog Antiques downtown.  I really didn't expect to find anything because I wasn't looking for anything.  We were just killing time until dinner hour arrived. 

Wouldn't you know, I found an amazing set of glassware!  The set includes 4 tall glasses and 4 highball glasses.  They look very fancy and very Mad Men to me!

We decided to donate all of our plain, nothing special glasses to make room for these lovelies. Makes a drink of water seem like a very special activity!  Happy anniversary to us!


Brandi Hussey said...

Sometimes, you just need a little glamour in your life, right??

Pricilla said...

Happy Anniversary! Surprises like that are always the best.

cindy shake said...

Happy Anniversary you two wild and crazy kids!! xox Hugs to Jett too :)

Ina in Alaska said...

Oh my! LOVE your glassware!! And am VERY IMPRESSED you got your husband to venture into an antique shop with you!

Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds. I have been wanting to try that restaurant for a long time. It is just not on any of my usual routes but I must make an effort to get there, everyone raves about the food and the pastries.

Beadwright said...

Love the glasses. I am sending you and your sweetie a happy energy for another beautiful year.