Monday, August 29, 2011

Alaska State Fair -- The Weekend Report

Opening weekend at the fair is always crazy-busy.  The unseasonably cold cool weather and rain on Friday and Saturday made those days a little less crazy-busy than usual, but that's ok.  Sunday was gorgeous and warm.  The crowd was huge and in a buying mood.

I took this set of photos before we opened last Thursday.

These are our short sleeve t-shirts.  Love the colors we chose.

And our long sleeve t-shirts.  Not loving these colors as much.

Cindy's metal art is always a great attention getter.  We've already sold the sheep that you see between the 2 doors, the rooster on the ramp and one of the "Bad Dogs".

I have not yet eaten a pork-chop-on-a-stick, but I did have chicken-on-a-stick (from the same booth) last night for dinner.  It was steaming hot in my mouth, hence the stupid look on my face :)

You don't really want the whole list of stuff we ate during the first 4 days of the fair, do you?


Pricilla said...

I love fair food. So good....

Glad it perked up on Sunday for you....

cindy shake said...

Thank for all your HARD work! ...I need a Taco Dan's fix!

Ina in Alaska said...

You are crazy brave to post that picture of you with food in your mouth!! ((smiles))

Looks like it was pretty tasty! Lots of great entertainment this year at the Fair. Still not going out there though! Love all the wares, yours and Ms. Shake's. Looking forward to the Bad Girls of the North in Anchorage!

Beadwright said...

Well everytime you show something like this I get home sick. Ahhhh let me think for a minute. Naaahhh don't miss the winters there. LOL

ShinyAdornments said...

I always love the photos you use when you post about the fair. More to come I hope?

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