Monday, February 14, 2011

Gemstones from Tucson - Part III

While I still have many strands of gemstones, I'll finish this series of posts with only 2 additional photos.  Wouldn't want to bore you to tears.

From top to bottom: moss aquamarine, hot pink chalcedony (a bit too hot for me), black spinel and minty green chalcedony.

From top to bottom: deliciously smooth turquoise briolettes, green onyx teardrops and moss amethyst.  I bought 2 strands of the moss amethyst.  That patterning in that particular stone is so inconsistent, I thought I might have a better chance of making more pairs if I bought 2 strands.


Pricilla said...

No such thing as "too hot"

Diane said...

That pink is too hot for me too! The turquoise is my favorite. You came home with some lovely finds!
Welcome back.

shari said...

Ha ha! I agree with Pricilla... I love those hot pink stones! Did you get any labradorite this time? You know those are my favorites! The moss amethyst looks pretty, too... how fun!!

Brenda's Jewelry Box said...

Love! Love! Love! Did I say how much I Love everything you picked?! LOL I really enjoy seeing what you get each year. Beautiful choices V! And I love those hot pink stones too! :)