Monday, March 10, 2008

Metal Working Classes

This past weekend I was in class all day Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I attended a soldering class with Iris Sandkuhler, who is a guest teacher at my local bead store, The Alaska Bead Company.
I made these 2 pendants. I know, they're not very beautiful, but I've learned the basic techniques of soldering sterling silver and gold filled elements to a sterling silver base.

The class on Sunday was much more to my liking. I learned how to fuse fine silver and make a chain bracelet. This is a technique that I really think I will continue to do. My mind is full of ideas for variations on this basic chain composition.

Our instructor, Iris Sandkuhler, lives in San Francisco. She has a website where she offers distance education. Later this year, she will be offering online classes through Lisa Niven-Kelly's Beaducation.


Mattias Klang said...


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Studio A La Mode said...

Hey, I think they are great! I remember in my first metals class it was near Halloween, and we made skulls. (Not my design of choice.) But, still it was fun to learn techniques. Your pieces are VERY NICE -- especially for a first timer! Congrats on your new skill!


sherry said...

Isn't it fun learning new techniques? I love working with metal. Glad to have found your blog.

Estherly.S said...

Your creation looks fantastic! I'm inspired!

Brandi said...

I just learned how to fuse fine silver, too!! I still have a little problem making chains, but I'm having a great time with it. Your work is beautiful!

Mama Trep said...

I like them! I wanna learn!

Anji said...

I love the inspiration. Good work


ccdesign said...

How much fun and educational to attend the class. Great pieces that you made.

Abelee said...