Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Notecards

Since my show season is over and all of my stores and galleries are stocked, I decided to take some time to restock my notecards.  I sold close to 100 of them at the Bad Girls show!  I keep a small basket of them at the very end of one of my tables and think of them as a way to make a little extra money.  It works!

I tried a new technique -- well, new to me.  It's actually quite old -- it's from the February 2007 Technique Junkies Newsletter and is called Dazzling Windows.  It involves transparency sheets, Sharpies, clear embossing and glitter.

While making this first card, I must have been a little distracted because I forgot the step where it says to add the glitter.  Hence, not much dazzle.  But hey, it's still pretty.

Determined to get it right, I made another card, this time with glitter.  Not sure if you can see it in the scan, but there is plenty of dazzle in this one.

And a reminder -- 15% off your entire order in my etsy shop.  Use the code NOV2010DISCOUNT in the nifty new coupon code field and the discount will be applied automatically.  This code will be valid through end of day Monday, November 29!


Pricilla said...

Ooooh, pretty. I really like the second one. Trees are good to munch.

Michele said...

they are both gorgeous - with or without the glitter. glad you are able to bring in some extra cash. these cards are way superior to what you;d get at a card store. xo