Thursday, October 23, 2008

Orange & Copper Notecards

Yesterday was a cardmaking day. I always turn to my Technique Junkie newsletters when I make cards. They are full of interesting and innovative ideas for making unique cards. Thanks to Pat for publishing such a wonderful resource!

I don't often work with the color orange in my jewelry or my cardmaking. Yesterday, I could not stay away from it. Go figure!

The first card is a stylized bouquet stamped on acetate, then colored on the reverse side with an ink and glue mixture . It is backed with crumpled tissue paper. After doing this technique many times, I have learned to use light colored inks, otherwise the stamped image does not show up well enough.

Next is one of my all time favorite techniques. It starts with black glossy cardstock and metallic markers. It truly is magical the way a damp sponge transforms the scribbles into a bubbly background. The image is embossed in gold for a dramatic look.

The background on last card features metallic ink rubbed into the cardstock followed by doing the same with droplets of ink. The results are lovely and muted. This technique always leaves me with inky fingers -- I love that!

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Shirley said...

These are lovely, Vicki. You ought to sell these and your jewelry!!